Lectric eBikes Launches Rider Loyalty Program

If you log a lot of miles on your Lectric ebike, the Phoenix based company has a new way of incentivizing you to ride. I think its a great idea that will help with customer loyalty. It will be great to see who has the most miles on their ebike.

As a show of appreciation for its dedicated community of riders,┬áLectric announced the “Very Important Pedalers” (VIP), a dedicated loyalty program. The program will reward riders with personally engraved awards with their names and mileage achievements for reaching 5,000; 10,000; or 25,000 miles on their Lectric eBikes.

“We knew our riders were putting significant miles on their Lectric eBikes, but we had no idea of the full extent until we polled our social media followers,” said Levi Conlow, CEO and co-founder. “We were hyped to see dozens of riders logging thousands of miles on their eBikes and we wanted to find a new way to support our community.  

Levi Conlow

Riders can receive an award for the 5,000; 10,000; or 25,000 mileage milestone. Current and future Lectric eBikes riders are eligible for the program and can submit their mileage achievements for review at www.lectricebikes.com/pages/vip.

“When we built our first eBike four years ago, we set out to give more people the opportunity to reap the benefits of moving in alternative ways by creating an ever-improving product at an affordable price,” said Conlow. “Our new VIP program gives us a chance to celebrate all the dedicated riders who have shown us that our eBikes are reliable, sustainable, and built for the long-haul.”

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The VIP program was inspired by customers commenting on the thousands of miles they have ridden on their Lectric eBikes, with several having clocked almost 10,000 miles on Lectric’s original XP eBike that launched in 2019. Over four years later, these original XP’s are continuing to serve consumers, demonstrating Lectric’s commitment to building quality, durable eBikes that are built for years of riding.

To meet the Lectrified VIP award requirements, riders must submit the odometer mileage from their Lectric eBike, their order numbers for proof of purchase and video submissions showing the mileage on the eBike’s odometer.