Reactions to the Lectric ONE Launch

When it comes to the new Lectric ONE ebike are you a lover or a hater?

Comments on my reveal event video came in fast and furious. In the video below I’ll show more of the ebike and some of the group ride we went on in Tempe.

My First Impressions of the Lectric ONE

After publishing the reveal on Tuesday here are some of the comments I received on my channel;

  • This looks sick. My girl has the Lectric 3.0 step through. I’m Seriously impressed. I think this would be perfect for myself. Nice job Lectric!
  • Nice bike, but way out of my price range
  • Why on earth didn’t they just make this the XP 4.0? This is the same design as the folding e-bike except it doesn’t fold, there’s no suspension at all AND it’s over $2000… kind of a let down honestly. If they just threw all the tech into a folding version with suspension then I’d be on board.
  • It’s definitely an amazing bike and all but like I said at other comment section, at that price point I don’t see the average raider going for the One over their already awesome XP 3.0.

In the video below I’ll give you more first impressions on it as well as some of the group ride footage from the streets of Tempe Arizona.

I think some of the overreaction is just due to not understanding what the Lectric ONE is and who its for. It is designed for the serious commuter. Its essentially waterproof and thanks to its power, you wont have to break a sweat riding to work. It also will fit on a train or bus thanks to its smaller footprint and lightweight design.

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I am a fan of the ONE. Yes it is pricier than other Lectrics but you cant buy an ebike like this for $2k. It would cost $5k or more from other companies. Lectric used its purchasing power to bring a high tech ebike to the market for a relatively low price.

Pre-order the Lectric ONE here. It starts shipping in May.