Review of the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0

I’ve been waiting to get a dual suspension 20×4 fat tire and the team at Engwe finally came through. The new version has a number of new upgrades as you can see from the image below. I think its one of the coolest looking ebikes on the market.

There are not a lot of 20×4 dual suspension fat tire ebikes on the market especially one with cool mag rims. Oh, it also folds, making it able to fit in the back of your SUV and never having to buy an ebike rack.

The Engine Pro 2.0 comes with a 52 Volt battery (16AH) instead of the 48V version and the 750 watt motor also has more peak power (1200W) which is a few hundred more watts over the old version. It comes in black, blue or green with a price tag of just $1,299.

The mag rims are a big draw and makes this ebike stand out on the road. My biggest gripe though is the torque sensor. It really takes a lot of effort to get this ebike going. If you want to hit the 28 MPH top speed you’ll be putting in maximum effort to get there. Once you do hit 28 though, you get immediate cut off from the motor so 28MPH wont be sustainable for long periods.

Torque sensors are becoming more popular as they allow riders to get more exercise but my personal preference is that they are better suited for more commuter style ebikes or ones that are more lightweight.

When it comes to an ebike like the Engine Pro I just want to take advantage of its power without having to work too hard. They would have been better off adding in both types of sensors that allowed riders to switch between cadence and torque sensing depending on how you want to ride.

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