1000 Watts for Under $1k, Sivrock 26×4 Ebike

I recently got this Sivrock, a 26×4 fat tire off Amazon. It features a 1000 watt motor and sells for $999 but with my discount code you can get $50 off that price and get a free tire inflator. The company says if you are a Prime VIP member it will only cost $899. That’s a pretty good value.

Sivrock 26×4 ebike

Save $50 and get a free Tire Inflator with Coupon code: 05936B5H

BUY: https://amzn.to/3IK2DSt

Discount Code Details

The Sivrock is a bare bones ebike built for the trails. I took it on some trails recently (look for that video next week) and those fat tires really soaked up those rocks and roots. It has three good qualites;

  • 1000 watt rear hub motor
  • Full twist throttle
  • 15ah battery hidden in downtube making it waterproof
  • Mechanical disk brakes

Also for the price its a pretty good deal. Would make a great “beater” ebike if you are limited by budget. Has mechanical disk brakes but they are dialed in pretty well out of the box (at least mine were).

Range is likely around 25-30 miles so it’ll makes for a good runabout and trail seeker if you want to have some fun in the woods.

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