Affordable, Long Range Step Thru: Eskute Star

I recently reviewed the ESKUTE STAR a foldable step thru fat tire ebike with a large 20 amp hour battery. Integrated into the down tube, it may be the cheapest 20AH ebike to purchase. Pricing is a very affordable $1,299.

Eskute Star

Ebike prices have really come down a lot in 2023. Last year this ebike would have probably sold for hundreds more. It might be the most affordable 20 amp hour ebike on the market.

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The Star comes in black or the mocha green version I received. Its very pastel, almost pistachio in color. The paint job is stellar.

Eskute Star Specs

  • 500 Watt rear hub motor
  • 22 MPH top speed
  • 48 volt 20 amp battery with Samsung/LG cells
  • Claimed range 80 miles (PAS 1)
  • Front suspension (50 mm)
  • Payload capacity 275 pounds
  • Weight 74 pounds
  • 44T chainring
  • 20×4 CST big fat tires
  • Front/rear lights
  • 3 amp charger


I do wish the ebike went faster than 22 MPH, 25 would have been a better top speed. The rear brake light is very faint. I wish ebike companies would start to just put red flashing lights on the back. Flashing red is better for safety. At 74 pounds the ebike is on the heavier side.

Long range is the selling point for the Eskute Star. With a limited top speed, riders should easily get 50-60 miles out of it on flat ground. It would make an ideal cruiser ebike that can still go off road if needed.

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