Ebike News from Hiboy, Lectric

Hiboy has announced the launch of its first folding Electric bike – the Hiboy C1

The C1 blends “style and performance” for a new urban riding experience. It has a motor with a long-lasting removable battery designed for all ranges of commutes. Its electric riding, with a load of 230 lbs, can easily cover a distance of 22.7 miles (or 35 km), while with pedal one can cover a distance of 43.5 miles (or 70 km).    

Hiboy C1 Folding Electric Bike

The Hiboy C1 Folding electric bicycle has a unibody structural design and high-carbon steel frame, achieving a remarkable balance between lightness and a sturdy frame structure. This makes it easy to carry and ride.

The C1 boasts a 350W motor (Maximum 648W) and a robust 36V 7.8Ah removable battery. Riders can easily conquer steep inclines with a maximum 20% angle of climb.

It provides support via the Hiboy App for locking, speed control, and other functionalities. Riders can connect their smartphone via Bluetooth to the Hiboy App and easily lock their bike/scooter for added security. They can also enjoy the convenience of customizing speed and cruise control settings. Advanced braking systems and lighting further add to a smooth nighttime riding experience. Hiboy has decided to set its Hiboy C1 Electric Bike pre-sale on April 1st, 2024.

Lectric eBikes, 2023’s best-selling eBike company in America, partnered with Beast Philanthropy to help 600 people across the country gain access to life-changing transportation. The year-long project is featured in MrBeast’s latest video, which was published yesterday.

More than 150 million people in America have limited transportation, and throughout the rest of the world the issue is even more significant. Access to transportation has far-reaching, and in many cases, life-changing impacts, including the creation of opportunities for income and employment to earn a living wage, the ability to reach locations that have vital medical supplies and clean drinking water, as well as access to in-person education, to name a few. As seen in the video, Lectric eBikes supplied more than $600,000 worth of eBikes to help people gain access to an effective and in many cases, life-changing, transportation solution.

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“We’ve always wanted to launch such a compelling project as this, but having the good fortune to join forces with Beast Philanthropy has given us the opportunity to reach more people with the message that giving back to communities is imperative when you achieve success,” said Lectric eBikes CEO and co-founder, Levi Conlow. “We built our business on listening to our customers, but we also know that selfless service beyond our own success is vital. We want to inspire everyone in the electric bicycle industry to sustain high levels of philanthropy. That industry commitment, along with projects like our Beast Philanthropy program, is the only way we can make a huge difference.”

Since 2021, Lectric eBikes has partnered with Beast Philanthropy to carry out a variety of impactful philanthropic projects in locations across the world, including South Africa, Colombia, and Lectric’s home state of Arizona. In addition to its work with Beast Philanthropy, Lectric eBikes continues to lead the eBike industry in giving back. In 2023, Lectric donated more than $2.5 million to support a variety of charities.