Electric Bike Company Debuts Moto-Inspired Model J

Electric Bike Company (EBC), the electric bike manufacturer known for customizable, California-built bikes using curated global materials, announced today the launch of the Model J, a smaller, nimbler, moto-inspired e-bike geared toward the young adult consumer. 

Launching with a limited time introductory price of $1199 (SRP is $1499 and up), the Model J is a best-in-class e-bike with all of the premium EBC safety features and technology for the cost of an entry level e-bike.

“We are so glad to be able to offer a US-built, safe e-bike at this entry-level price,” said EBC founder and CEO, Sean Lupton-Smith. “We’ve packed all of our premium standard features into a fun, adventurous e-bike suited for both urban and off-road terrain. We couldn’t be more excited about this new addition to our roster.”

Combining luxury and leisure with a commitment to the safest, most technologically-sound e-bikes and batteries on the market, EBC has been esteemed for their comfort cruiser style e-bikes since the brand’s launch in 2012. With the introduction of the new Model J, EBC seeks to provide consumers with an exceptionally safe, well-built moto-inpsired e-bike that they can feel good about for themselves, friends, family, or rentals.

The Model J starts at $1499 (limited, introductory sale price $1199) and features an aluminum, hydro-formed frame, puncture-resistant tires, comfort seat and grips, LCD color display, integrated front and rear safety lights, stainless steel hardware and integrated bearings, premium rims, hydraulic brakes, as well as battery range up to 200 miles.

Featuring the MIK integrated Click System, seamless cargo additions and quick accessory adjustments are easy on the Model J. Additionally, the Model J is 100 percent customizable and arrives fully built. Customers are invited to colorize, customize, accessorize and stylize to completely personalize.

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Learn more on the EBC Website