Euphree Launches the Stellar Falcon Mid-Step Commuter Ebike

Euphree which makes a higher end cruiser style step thru has introduced a new more aggressive looking commuter style ebike that can also handle trails as well as the road. The founder introduced the ebike to dealers in a new video that just came out.

Overview of the new Stellar Falcon

According to the owner, buyers were asking for a more aggressive frame style to compliment their City Robin ebike. “I asked our design team and the factory that we work with to take the City Robin, but with a little bit bigger battery and a little bit bigger motor and weld to give me two options. One with curved handlebar, one with straight handlebar, a welded in rear rack, and a removable rear rack. And they came back with these two models and this is after a little bit of design work and iterations and I really loved the way this bike worked, but it was a little bit more like a commuter bike. And although this bike was very, very comfortable and a lot of the things that our customer wanted, they also wanted fatter tires.”

I transcribed the video so you can read more about their new ebike;

“We realized that we were talking to the retired mountain biker and although they weren’t planning on probably going off road, they wanted to know that they could go off road.

So we did that and took their feedback, did a lot of design work and I’m proud to introduce to you the new stellar Falcon e-bike that we have as the fat tire bike killer. It is the best off-road bike that you can still use as a commuter bike and the best commuter bike that you can actually take off road to tell you about some of the general features, this bike clocks in at 72 pounds, so it’s 10 to 15 pounds lighter weight than our competition.

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We have a SR Sun Tour X one boost Air Fork with 110 millimeters of travel with preload and lockout. It’s outfitted with Schwabe 27.5 by 2.8 tires. And then we did our thing where we hide all our wires and conceal it. It comes on 180 millimeter rotors, ergonomic rubber locking grips, Tektro brakes, outfitted with a Shimano eight speed 11 by 32 with a 52 front chain ring. You will never ever have any ghost pedal and you’ll still be able to pedal with a lot of range.”

Additional Details

“It has a 15 amp hour battery. It also comes with a Shimano Altus Derailer. We have a 15 amp hour battery and then we have a torque and cadence system. And then lastly, we use utilized a B Fang 750 watt motor with a peak power of about 1200 watts. We still left our CO suspension. This is going to have a little bit more aggressive riding position.

However, you can adjust the stem. It maintains it as a very, very comfortable e-bike. This version of the bike is a mid step version, and it’s really going to draw our demographic down in that a younger customer would purchase this bike, someone all the way down to late twenties, early thirties because it is a very aggressive bike. You’re able to lean forward and go off road, do a lot of trail riding. The air front fork really, really helps as well as the seat post suspension, but it also performs really, really well.

As a commuter, the tires are not loud and they’re aggressive enough to perform well on the road, but they still have a reflective strip and they’re very quiet and handle well when you’re commuting with it. Lastly, it does come outfitted with a rear rack and you can remove this and it will look like a completely different bike, but it does come outfitted with the rear rack and a fender, and it is a fully loaded package that comes with our screen throttle bells and everything.”

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