QuietKat to Debut the Lynx – Café Moto Styling Ebike

Colorado based QuietKat Electric Bikes, which specializes in off-road & hunting eBikes, is set to announce the release of a brand new eBike model. The Lynx represents the latest in full-suspension electric bicycles and looks to push the envelope of style and high-performance for the brand.

The Lynx establishes a new category for QuietKat, as it takes its proven off-road capabilities and blends it with a café moto style in a fun and powerful ride that is aimed for the discerning user who demands the latest technology and a premium ride.

Able to roll up the road in style, then go further when the pavement ends, the Lynx is a fully capable off-road technical machine that can tackle the roughest terrain. It will also be introduced with Variable Power Output (VPO™) technology that gives the rider the ability to change what class system the bike operates at, allowing access to more terrain and trails.

With a blend of on-road/offroad capabilities, the QuietKat Lynx features a 2-speed, 1000W hub motor with a twist throttle option for those who want to grip it and rip it. 180mm KKE Fork in the front and a Mechanical Coil shock giving 100mm of travel in the back provide plenty of comfort and control, while deploying highly capable 24×4.0″ off-road moto style tires that allow you to safely navigate a wide variety of terrain. 

“A revolutionary ultra-powerful 1000w two-speed hub-drive motor with an automatic transmission provides a seamless but thrilling experience with less maintenance. A twist-throttle paired with customizable speed and pedal assist levels allow for precise power output for any style of rider or terrain.”


The Lynx is a part of a new generation of QuietKat integrating IoT technology for remote control, tracking, and other smart features. This new ebike looks awesome and should sell well, though its a high end ebike in terms of price. Battery is 20 AH but not sure if that means 48V or 52V.

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Who Is QuietKat?

QuietKat was founded in 2012 by twin brothers Jake & Justin Roach in Eagle, Colorado, with the goal of helping people to enjoy the outdoors more quietly than other traditional motorized methods. QuietKat is now part of the Vista family of brands, which includes Fox, Camelback, Giro, Simms, Camp Chef and more. QuietKat has earned a reputation as a reliable and very rugged eBike built by outdoor enthusiasts, establishing them as the top trusted eBike brand in the country. 

The Lynx will be available late summer 2023 and will retail for around $4000. More information can also be found on the QuietKat website, here.