EUY K6 Pro: 1000 Watt Folding Ebike

The K6 Pro from EUY is the third ebike i have reviewed from the company. They are a direct to consumer Chinese manufacturer. The F6 was ok, the S4 e-moped was good and the K6 Pro is even better featuring a powerful 1000 watt rear hub motor.

K6 Pro

The frame is rather unique in the ebike market. A simple unscrewing of a knob at the frames bottom allows you to swing the ebike in half for travel or storage purposes. As far as I know this is the only 1,000 watt folding ebike on the market. The handlebars do not fold. At a price of just $1,399 thats a good value.

Specs for the K6 Pro

  • Color Choice: dark gray or camo gold
  • 1000 watt motor/1500W peak/96 nm Torque
  • 48 Volt 25 Amp Hour battery (Samsung cells)
  • 8 speed
  • 400 lb payoad capacity
  • Weight: 81 lbs
  • Made of aviation grade magnesium alloy
  • 8-10 hrs to charge with 2Amp charger
  • IPX5 Water Resistant rating
  • Hydraulic Brakes/160 mm rotors
  • LED angel eyes headlight
  • Half Twist Throttle
  • Extra wide wing seat with blinkers
  • Minimum seat height 35 inches
  • 20×4 inch fat tires

This is a big guy ebike with recommended rider heights coming in at 5″7 to 6″5. The ebike is 69 inches long.


I wasnt a big fan of the weirdish wing seat they give you. I felt more comfortable on the comfort Cloud9 seat i used for riding. It tends to wiggle too much on each side when sitting on it. Doesn’t come with any rear lighting either. It’s also a heavy ebike but that is par for the course when it comes to 1000 watt ebikes.

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I love the speed of the ebike and you get full throttle to 28 MPH. I think i hit 29/30 mph at times. It folds so as long as you have an SUV to transport you can take it anywhere. I also appreciate the unique frame style. This is no cookie cutter ebike.

Riding oberservations: very solid feel, good braking, decent ergonomics thanks to the BMX style handlebars that you can angle towards you if needed.

Buy the EUY K6 Pro (affiliate link)