Review of the Rattan Pathfinder 26×4

I’ve been a fan of Rattan ever since they sent me my green machine the LM 750. It was a tough little ebike that was my main ride for much of 2022. 

Recently they came out with a higher end ebike called the Pathfinder in Step Thru and Step Over frame sizes.

I chose the White Step Thru for review and testing.

The Rattan Pathfinder

The Specs

  • 26×4 CST Big Fat Tires
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • 750 Watt Rear Hub Motor
  • Top Speed of 30MPH
  • Mechanical Lockout
  • Color Display
  • Rear rack
  • Large Headlight/Brake Light
  • 15 AH Integrated Battery.

What I Think

I had a few issues out of the box. The ebike had a few scratches including a large one on the battery cover. Sometimes in shipping things get nicked up. Not much you can do about those things except add some touch up pain if you can get it. The motor did have a weird pulsation at first but that seems to have gone away.

A few of the gears slip so I need to dial in the derailleur. And I had to replace the front brake rotor due to a slight bend that caused rubbing. That’s another common issues many ebikes can have out of the box.

The settings in the display are very accessible so I was able to tweak the speed settings for the PAS levels and managed to hot a top speed of 30MPH after doing so. 

Ergonomics are good. The label on the ebikes says its a Small frame but it fit my six feet self just fine. The front fork has good travel and soaks up bumps well.

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The Pathfinder sells for $1699 but they are currently offering $200 OFF on their website.