Lectric Xpedition is a Kid Carrying, Cargo Packing Ebike

The new Lectric Xpedition, is a 750 watt cargo ebike with dual batteries. It is one of the best hill climbing ebikes on the market.

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Lectric ebike fans have been clamoring for a 750 watt ebike with more power, and Lectric finally delivered in the form of a new cargo model.

The Xpedition shows of a lot of firsts for the Lectric brand;

  • 1st new ebike with rigid front fork
  • First ebike with adjustable stem
  • First ebike with quick release pedals
  • First ebike with 750 watts
  • First ebike with street tires
  • First ebike with wattage based cadence sensor

And the price is quite affordable at just $1399 for the single battery and $1699 for the dual battery. That makes it one of (if not the most) affordable cargo ebike on the market.

The Specs

  • 750 Watt Rear Hub Motor (peaks at 1310 watts)
  • 20×3 Street Tires
  • Payload capacity of 450 pounds total.
  • Large rack can support up o 300 pounds
  • Accessories to haul kids or cargo
  • Class 2 – Class 3. Top speed up to 28MPH
  • Zoom Hydraulic Brakes
  • 28 AH of total battery (dual)

What I Think

If you watch my video the biggest surprise is the hill climbing ability. It blew away most other ebikes I’ve taken on my hill test. I need to do some additional hill climbing but I am impressed so far.

Its the most powerful ebike Lectric has ever produced and I even hit 29MPH on my speed test run. I do miss not having front suspension though. One of my subscribers told me that cargo ebikes typically don’t come with front shocks because the “range of weight carried on the bike can vary drastically; very difficult to spec out a bike with suspension that can support a 200 lb. rider vs rider plus cargo weight of 400 lb. Rigid fork would keep the handling character consistent, regardless of how much weight the cargo bike is carrying.”

I did see the new Aventon cargo ebike does come with front suspension so it is possible, but those forks do make the ebike more expensive.

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Overall the Xpedition is comfortable to ride (I added their comfort package) and it handles well despite its 72 inch length. For what you get for your $1,699 its a tremendous value and will continue to put pressure on other ebike makers when it comes to pricing.

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