XP Lite Competitor: Thunder 2 from 5th Wheel

The popular Lectric XP Lite has a new friend in town, the Thunder 2 from ebike company 5th Wheel. They sent me one recently for review and testing. At just 48 pounds, its a direct adversary to the XP Lite, one of my favorite ebikes to date.

The Thunder 2 sports a very unique frame that carries 20 inch street tires and a rear shock. The front fork is rigid. Its on sale for just $799. But with my discount code CHRISC you can get $300 Off!

5th Wheel Thunder 2 Review

5th Wheel Thunder 2 Specs

  • 350 Watt rear hub motor
  • 36 volt 10.4 AH battery
  • 20 MPH top speed
  • Mechanical Disk Brakes
  • Cadence Sensor
  • 6 Speeds with 3 levels of pedal assist
  • Folds in half
  • 20 inch street tires


This is the first ebike to directly challenge the XP Lite. It has a few advantages namely the rear shock but otherwise I still prefer Lectric’s lightweight folder for its looks, color choices and quality.

It’s too small of a ebike for me (I’m six foot) and it sits slightly lower than the XP Lite and is also a few inches shorter. The handlebars are not adjustable. But it should be a capable ride for someone who merely requires portability in an easy to use ebike.

If you live in a small apartment and need something light to travel give it a look.

5th Wheel also sells a more powerful fat tire version for $999.

Buy it here

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