Ebike Pedal Suggestions

Virtually all ebike pedals come from one company: Wellgo.

They’re ok but there are better options out there. From folding ones to non-skid options here are a few of my favorite pedals I have used on various ebikes over the past few years. All can be purchased off Amazon via my embedded affiliate links. 9/16 is the standard size that fits almost all ebikes.

Folding Ebike Pedals

The folding Wellgo pedals we typically get tend to lock up more as you use them make them harder to pedal. You can add some WD40 to them to help with that or you can pick up some of these folding alternatives.

VGEBY Bike Pedals, k1155 Anti Skid Mountain Bike Folding Pedals Outdoor Road Bicycle Modified Accessory

I use these on my Espin Nesta and Lectric XP Lite.

Vgeby Pedals

Price $28 | Link

SAVADECK Folding Bike Pedals, 9/16 Inch Bicycle Pedals Wide Flat Mountain Bike Pedals with Aluminum, Non-Slip Bike Pedals

These come in black or red. They are narrower than the Wellgo pedals.

Price $27.99 | Link

BV Bike Pedal – 2-Set, Universal Fit Bicycle Pedals 9/16″ Compatible, Non-Slip & Durable Lightweight, Fits Most Adult Bikes & MTB Bicycles, Multiple Colors

I just bought a set of these, great option for casual riding.

Price $32 | Link

Fyxation Gates BMX Platform Pedal

These come in a variety of cool colors like red, orange, green, etc. They are nylon so lighter in weight.

Price $21.99 | Link

Lixada Mountain Bike Pedals,Mountain Bicycle Pedals Quick Release Pedals MTB Cycling Platform Pedal with Pedal Extender Adapter

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I put these quick release pedals on my Lectric XP for a while. You can pop them out as needed for easier storage.

Price $34 | Link

There are of course many may other options out there. Rock Bros makes a bunch of quick release, mountain bike style with the spikes for grip. This post is merely offering a few suggestions for the average ebike crowd.