5th Wheel Torrent 1 – Budget Mountain Ebike

In the shop this week is the Torrent 1 from 5th Wheel. It’s a hardtail budget inspired mountain ebike with a 500 watt motor and 14.7 AH battery (48v). Cost is $1199 but if you use code CHRISC you can get another $80 off the ebike at checkout.

5th Wheel Torrent 1

Top speed is just 20MPH making it a class 2 ebike. Other notable specs include;

  • 27.5 X 2.3 inch tires
  • Included 3 amp charger
  • 35-60 mile claimed range
  • Front hydraulic fork
  • Torque Sensor
  • 3 levels of pedal assist

The ebike comes in at 60 pounds and the payload capacity is just 220 lbs.

The motor is peppy and peaks at 800 watts. I throttled up my test hill and it made it all the way via the thumb throttle. Brakes are mechanical but provide adequate stopping power.

My biggest dislikes are the small hard seat and the throttle which does not work from a standstill. I use throttle to get going so thats a big fail in my book. But if you just want a basic exercise ebike you can take on your local trails, the Torrent should fit that need.

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