Ebike Spotlight: Electric Bike Company

If you are looking for a cruiser style ebike that is fully assembled in America then consider an ebike from Electric Bike Company based in California.

They offer custom built ebikes for any type of rider. They probably have the most customizable ebikes in the market thanks to their DIY website ordering process that allows you to build your ebike with a huge variety of options including any paint color you want.

I have yet to receive one of their ebikes for review but I’m sure I will one day. My one complaint is they dont have any real fat tire options and they are heavy on the “cruiser” style design. But you can’t complain about the quality of their models. It’s a well made ebike from everything I’ve heard..

If I had to pick just one EBC bike to have it might be the Model R which is their “off road” model.

According to the company, “EBC delivers the ultimate e-bike journey. Speed, quality, customization, and ease define our commitment to excellence. From cutting-edge tech to unbeatable front baskets, Electric Bike Company crafts top-tier American-made electric cruisers.”

The video below will give you a tour of how their ebikes are made.

Tour of EBC

WEBSITE: Electric Bike Company®

Highlights of an Electric Bike Company E-Bike

Whether you seek ready-to-ride convenience or the utmost safety for your family, EBC’s standout features simplify your choice.


  • Sleek Aesthetics: Clean look with handlebar shrink wrapping, hassle-free Water Resistant Plug and Play System.
  • Fully Customizable: Craft your e-bike from the frame up, exclusively with EBC.
  • Cutting-Edge Tech Package: Brake lights, electric horn, turn signals, high/low beams, and auto-light sensor.
  • Top-Notch Front Basket: Industry’s finest for security and function (up to 65 lbs capacity), frame-bolted for stability.
  • Comprehensive Tool Kit: Repair on the go, with a pump, CO2 cannister, and self-sealing tire gel.
  • Quick Charging: Smart Super Charger gets your bike fully charged in 2-3 hours with a 3.5 amp charger.
  • QC Authentication Card: Each bike carries Quality Control authenticity and a unique serial number.
  • MIK Click Rack System: Models C, S, and A feature MIK rear racking; others use click-on MIK accessories. 
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EBC is devoted to crafting the finest custom American e-cruisers. They source quality materials, employ local experts, and innovate ceaselessly.

WEBSITE: Electric Bike Company®