$100 Off Ecells Five Star Ebike

I interviewed the founder of Ecells, makers of the AWD ebikes and the new Five Star. Its a 1500 watt dual suspension ebike with nearly identical to the Wired Freedom but upts a cheaper alternative. It costs $1,995 with free shipping but if you use code: CCR100 you get $100 OFF and get the Five STAR FOR JUST $1,895. (learn more)

Thats an amazing value. I paid the same for my A/R Keper over a year ago and the Five Star is the new standard in fast powerful ebikes that have a traditional frame style.

Five Star Highlights

  • HENTACH REAR HUB MOTOR -STAMPED CONTINOUUS 1500W Motor producing 147nm torgue. It’s an actual solid motor we were pleased to add it to our powerhouses.
  •  One of HENTACH’s best inventions is the patented Nylon-steel gear, now widely used in EU and US markets. Its strength is five times that of nylon gears, which allows it to achieve higher power, longer lifetime, and lower cost.
  • CONTROLLER:KT 60V 40A controller. This powerhouse delivers 2400 watts of power for breathtaking torque and speed performance.
  • PEDAL ASSIST: 5 levels. Unlike torque-sensor-based systems, a cadence-based system does not require hard pedal pressure to produce more power.
  • SHIPS CLASS II, POWER AND SPEED LIMITED TO 20MPH. (Can be changed to UNLIMITED thru display for off-road fun, increased speed, and power.) 
  • BATTERIES: 60v 20AH for a total of 1200WH of power. SAMSUNG 21700 50E high-discharge cells are used in the batteries.
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