Juiced Launches Jet Current Pro, Fast Folding Ebike

Its new ebike season and the team at JUICED has just announced the JetCurrent Pro. The JetCurrent Pro has a 1200 watt motor with a peak power of 2000 watts. It can travel up to 70 miles on a single charge thanks to a 52V 19.2ah battery. The bike also has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power.

Pre-order the JetCurrent Pro

The NeoBlade motor provides 1,200W nominal power and up to 2,000W peak performance. With 110 Nm of torque, hills should be no problem. And its fast….Experience instant acceleration and butter smooth pedal assist top speeds up to 34 mph in Race Track Mode with pedal assist and up to 28 mph on throttle only.

JetCurrent Intro Video

The JetCurrent comes with a robust front and rear 4 piston hydraulic brakes offering superior stopping power at high speeds, crucial for a powerful e-bike like the JetCurrent. They even added larger 203mm front rotor for ultimate stopping power!

They also added a ShadowBlaster powerful 1050 lumen headlight. It features an integrated 100 dB horn/alarm system to make sure they hear you coming! The JetCurrent also features integrated brake lights and turn signals.

Plus, you get up to 70+ miles on a single charge! That 19.2AH battery gives you 998.4watt hours of riding.

I love what Juiced did here. We finally have a long range folder that can top 30MPH. Will come in 4 colors and is available for pre-order here. They expect to ship in June.

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