Found: Lectric XP 1.0 with over 10,000 Miles on It!

The other day on Reddit a cool post popped up. A Lectric owner named LedZeppole10 with an original XP 1.0 had logged 10,000 miles in 3 years and shared a photo of the Odometer. I had always wondered about folks who log a lot of miles on their ebikes. Now we have proof that these ebikes can last far and long.

“My beloved XP 1.0 named “Ninja” hit 10,000 miles this August and she is going stronger than ever with no notable battery or motor degradation. Common parts such as the freewheel, tires and brake pads have been swapped out many times.”


The original Lectric XP 1.0 came out 4 years ago (which I bought as my first ever ebike) and this owner reports zero problems after all those miles. He rides year round and in any weather.

“I ride this bike as my default transportation. I go on long rides for fun and then long rides for work doing rural food delivery. I average about 30-50 miles a day.”


He’s added new parts to it such as;

  • 14 AH Aliexpress batteries
  • 11-34T freewheel
  • Jagwire break pads

I really liked my 1.0 except for maybe the short handlebars which I eventually swapped out. When Lectric went to the 3 inch wide tire on the next versions I was disappointed because I think 20×4 fat tires are the best form factor for an ebike. LedZeppole10 agrees saying on the post saying “The 1.0 is simpler and more robust IMO. Love the wider wheels and the overall ride as well. It doesn’t need shocks. I will never get rid of it.”

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He goes on to say It’s at 11,200 miles now. “Lectric is literally sending me a trophy as of today which I think is hilarious.”

Ebike batteries will degrade after a year or two depending how much use they get. I think they are rated for around 700 lifetime charges but its a good idea to buy a replacement battery once you reach those levels for best performance.

Anyway I am impressed by this guys tenacity.

Keep riding bro, keep riding!

NOTE I heard recently there is another rider with 15k miles on a Lectric.