HoverAir X1 Self Flying Drone/Camera

My ebike videos are about to get a whole new perspective. I recently purchased the HoverAir X1 a new “flying selfie stick” that will follow me automatically and film video.

What’s cool about this drone is how easy it is to operate. You don’t need to train as a drone pilot which is what I wanted to avoid with more expensive drones on the market.

It comes with 6 preset flying scenarios: Hover, Orbit, Follow, Birdseye, Zoom Out and Custom. In each case it flies a set path and comes back to you then lands on your and once you place it underneath.

In the custom mode you can switch to Snapshot where it will hover and take pics of you or Dolly Track which flies backward in front of you.

Buy it today for $429 on Amazon. I’d recommend picking up an extra battery too ($40).

This is a great buy for family vacations, outdoor activities, Youtubers and more. I’ll be using it in nearly all of my ebike reviews going forward.

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