Best Grips for Twist Throttle Ebikes

Ebikes with half twist throttles generally come with those awful black rubber-like grips. And up til now its been hard to find good replacements since one of the grips needs to be shorter than the other to accomodate the throttle.

Ergon Grips are considered to be some of the finest in the cycling world and fortunately they make an ebike friendly version for half twist throttle ebikes. They also made a great video explaining why you can get pain in your hands and wrists while riding.

How to Mount the eBike Grip

Watch this short video on how to properly angle the grip on your bike.

They found out that there is too much pressure on the outer part of the hand where the sensitive, nervous or nervous is running, also known as the ulnar nerve. Also, when talking about the wrist, there might be an angle between the forearm and the hand that leads to stress on the median nerve.

The median nerve comes into play when talking about the carpal tunnel syndrome because this syndrome might happen if you’re riding in an UN physiological position with a wrist on the bike. By knowing about this problems, Ergon wanted to overcome those issues with a new grip design, and that’s why the GP one has really big contact area on the ER part of the grip to enlarge the contact surface of the hand to the grip.

I have a pair of Ergon grips and they are definitely larger than a typical one with a palm rest.

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Ergon says their grips will lead to homogeneous pressure distribution to not have any pressure peaks in the ER part where the ulnar nerve is running. Also, the grip design helps to stabilize the wrist on the bike so that there is none physiological posture of the wrist.

When it comes to setting up the grips correctly they recommend that you hop on the bike and that you loosen the screw of the grip a bit so that you can move the grip easily. Make sure that you forearm and the hand only have a little angle in the wrist area.

You can buy the Ergon grips on Amazon for around $40.

If you want some a little less expensive I found a variety of other grips for less than half the price. This pair of grips with gel based palm rest goes for just $15 bucks and comes in four color variations.

Another option for half twist throttle ebikes is this generic pair of very inexpensive grips with different color locking end rings. You can get them in gold, red, blue, black, silver and white.

PRUNUS Bike Handlebar Grips are also available but only come in this black/gray combo. They are just $12. I’d say they are a slight upgrade over any stock grips.

Lastly another cheap but colorful option are these 25NINE Ronin grips from Amazon. They don’t offer palm rests but their ribbed design is super soft on your hands and they can easily be cut to fit the twist throttle side of the ebike. You can buy them in a wide variety of colors. Check them out below on my Lectric XP Lite. Cost, just $13.

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