New Ebike Alert: Juiced Scorpion X2

Juiced Bikes is launching a new version of their e-moped style ebike the Scorpion X2. It features a 1000 watt motor and a 52 VOLT 15.5 amp hour battery.

This emoped style e-bike is the latest addition to their fan favorite Scorpion series and is fully loaded with awesome features you won’t find on any other bike in its class available in electric, blue, black, and a new color lava. You’ll definitely turn some heads cruising on this 1000 watt motor.

With 1300 watts of peak power, this powerful motor can propel this scorpion to speeds up to 28 miles per hour in pedal assist and 20 miles per hour on throttle alone. You can customize your riding experience on the fly by adjusting the power assist levels via the advanced LCD. This convenient display also shows you crucial info like your speed, mileage, and battery level with so much intoxicating power always on tap and under your complete control.

The battery pack lets you ride up the 55 plus miles on a single charge. This beefy battery features design upgrades like a convenient charge status indicator, a compartment for storing your apple air tag and the industry’s best battery fire safety rating.

Juiced said they took the feedback from their riders and have upgraded this beast with all terrain knobby fat tires for a more comfortable ride and convenient grip on any terrain. To ensure your stopping power matches the motor’s power, the scorpion boasts premium front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

The Scorpion comes with a slick seven speed transmission that helps make conquering hills a breeze. This model comes packed with incredible safety features like a rear integrated brake light and a super bright 2000 lumen headlight for riding at night.

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Standard equipment includes a rear rack perfect for storing your groceries and a full front and rear fender kit to protect your shiny bike and clean clothes from dirt and debris during rides. This bike also comes with a USB port for charging your phone on the go. And thanks to its step through frame and the 300 pound weight capacity, a wider range of riders can hop on and enjoy this two wheeled thrill ride.

Learn more on the Juiced Website