My Lectric XP Lite Gets a 2nd Battery

I think I’m finally finished upgrading my XP Lite, the lightweight folding ebike from Lectric.

I’ve put a lot of work and money into this ebike. It’s become one of my favorites to ride and mod.

The LITE is an agile, fun ebike to ride in my neighborhood. It’s my “quick trip” ebike for when I want to get out and stretch my legs. But it only comes with a 48 volt 7.8 ah battery so I always found myself constantly charing it. In PAS 3 the most miles I can achieve is around 20.

Thankfully the guys behind the Electric All Wheel Youtube channel sell dual battery kits for a variety of ebikes including the Lectrics. For $50 plus the cost of battery ($199) you too can double the range.

It is a very simple install requiring you to take out the controller and plugin some wires. The hardest part is getting the battery blender to fit inside the controller housing. After a few attempts I finally got it. Watch their video on the install.

I also added some Zoom Xtech hydraulic brake calipers to improve stopping power. The existing mechanical ones were pretty much worn out after 400 miles or so and were kind of soft.

The new calipers come in gold, black red or purple but I chose the gold and they look terrific with my Lite’s tan accents. I’ve linked the accessories below if you want to mimic my setup.

I ended up concealing the new battery in the rear rack bag instead of strapping it to the seatpost. This is a much cleaner look.

Accessory Links (these are mostly affiliate links)

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