New Ebikes from Addmotor, Wallke

Two ebike companies have announced some new models. A dual battery ebike from Wallke and a dual battery cargo ebike from Addmotor. Here are the details;

Wallke announced the launch of its H6 series e-bikes in the United States in mid-October. The new e-bikes offer an enhanced cycling experience, specifically designed for individuals dedicated to promoting sustainable living. The launch also signifies WALLKE’s commitment to providing eco-friendly transportation solutions.

The WALLKE H6 series is meticulously designed to elevate riding experience. The e-bike is equipped with a single rear battery, featuring a maximum capacity of 48V 40AH (1920WH). Its dual battery system design allows for the accommodation of two batteries. Users requiring additional power can opt to include a 20AH 960WH Front Battery as the second battery, effectively increasing the total capacity to an impressive 60AH.

This allows you to tackle challenging terrains and enjoy scenic routes without any range anxiety. In addition, for users’ added convenience, these batteries are removable, making charging and replacement a breeze. 

The H6 will also feature foldability, which enables easy storage and transportation. It also has a smart display with intelligent control. The H6 series is compatible with Apple’s “Find My” app, enabling users to track their bike’s location. Additionally, the e-bike offers navigation features for enhanced security and convenience. It is also equipped with a comfortable rear seat to accommodate people, and fenders to guard against dirt and water sprays. 

Addmotor has introduced another high-performing electric cargo bike, the GRAOOPRO, with a max load capacity of 500 lbs. GRAOOPRO electric cargo bike offers long riding with 210 miles range by featuring dual battery.

The electric cargo bike runs 210 miles on a single charge (PAS 1) by using dual batteries. The rider can use a single battery and travel more than 105 miles on a single charge.   

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“The GRAOOPRO is a highly functional and versatile means of transportation that combines convenience with cargo capabilities. Its unique design and features provide a reliable and efficient mode of transportation, which allows easy storage and transportation of goods.”  

GRAOOPRO is a cargo electric bike for those who want to travel more or expect more payload capacity. The payload capacity of 300 lbs + 200 lbs helps the rider for transporting groceries or other items efficiently. The rear-mounted 750W motor ensures zero impact of payload on the speed of the electric bike and provides assistance for effortless riding.

The EB 2.0 advanced lighting system and mid-axis torque sensor ensure power optimization and improve the efficiency of the electric bike. The advanced lighting system consumes less power and saves 15% of energy. Also, the mid-axis torque improves the riding range by 20%-30%. The multi-functional 5-in-1 taillight provides indications to make riding safe.

A long rear rack should provide sufficient room to carry loads or passengers. Also, the patented buttons make riding and accessing the different functions easy. Moreover, the waterproof LCD shows multiple information and tracks the current status of the electric bike. It is easy for the rider to take timely action to make riding convenient.