Tamobyke V20 is Light, Fast & Cheap

Amazon ebikes can be a hit and miss prospect. The good news is that the return process is guaranteed by Amazon. The bad news is with low prices you get what you pay for.

My latest Amazon ride is this Tamobyke V20 e-moped style e-bike that reminds me a lot of the EUY S4 which I reviewed this spring. The company sent me a version for testing and review.

I had a few issues with the ebike out of the box. First the main front cabling was incorrectly set. It came under the fork frame which made it unable to mount the handlebars correctly. I had to remove the elements of the handlebar so I could re-route them properly then reinstall the grips, shifter and brake levers. Quite a pain.

V20 handlebar cables

Once i fixed that, which took me about 30 minutes, I was able to ride the ebike. Only to find that it came with EU specs. It only had 3 modes and top speed was a meager 15 MPH.

So I emailed the company and they promptly replied with instructions to change from KPH to MPH and unlock the speed settings. After that was done the bike came to life. I could hit 27 MPH via the throttle whenever I wanted.

V20 Specs

  • 750 Rear Hub Motor
  • 15 amp hour battery
  • 70 nm of Torque
  • 37 mile range
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Payload 330 lbs
  • 7 speed
  • 20×4 CST Big Fat Tires
  • Headlight
  • Brake light with turn signals
  • Front/rear suspension

Tamobyke V20 Likes/Dislikes

The V20 has a bounce to it thanks to some not so stiff shocks (front & rear). Overall it is worthy of its $799 price just don’t expect premium quality. There is plenty of ghost pedaling at the higher speeds but that’s ok because all you’ll want to do is throttle the V20. Its more fun that way.

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The front suspension bottoms out at times. It has aggressive cruise control which comes on after 5 seconds of throttling. Another negative is the kickstand which has too steep an angle. The ebike tipped over a few times while parked.

But the ebike is FUN to ride which for most people should be good enough. At a cost of just $799 it may be the fastest ebike on Amazon that can hit 27 MPH. In my testing, I achieved 25 miles of range in a mix of throttling/coasting through my neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a cheap beater ebike that goes fast it may hard to beat the Tamobyke V20. Buy it here.