E-moped Style Ebike Review: EUY S4

This Emoped style ebike may be the fastest ride for the cheapest price.

The Euy S4 moped electric bike combines the speed of a moped with the eco-friendly nature of an e-bike. Special dual shock design for a more comfortable moped-style ride. 

BUY: https://euybike.com/?ref=dpbkktDu

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The S4 features a fairly unique design and is lightweight compared to other style ebikes with dual suspension. I like the looks and there isnt much I would change on this ebike. Watch the review and let me know what you think.


1000 W Geared Hub Motor 96Nm Max Motor Torque 

48V 25Ah Battery Capacity 7-8 Hours Charging Time 

44-75 Miles Per Charge Estimate Range 

400 Lbs Payload Capacity 

7 Speed Gear Shift 

IPX4 water resistance rating, safety in heavy rain. 

14 inch long seat with free rear addition 

Weight: 70.5 lbs (with battery) 61 lbs without 

Tektro 160mm hydraulic brakes 

Seat Height 35″ | 68 inches long.


The speed of this ebike is the reason to buy it. That and the large 25 amp hour battery. I hit 30 MPH several times on flats. Hydraulic brakes, great looks I mean what’s not to love?

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