This Tow Strap Could Save Your Ebike Ride

On a recent group ebike ride which I hold monthly here in Connecticut, one of the riders bike died. He and two other ebikers were with him but they got separated from the main group.

We called him to find out where they were and learned of the ebike failure. Thankfully the rider (a retired firefighter) had something in his rack bag that saved the day….a tow rope!

So he tied up his Rad Mini (dual battery) to an Ariel Rider Kepler and off they went to catch up to the main group. I got that encounter on video.

After that day I went onto Amazon and found the same strap he used to save his ride. It’s called a Tow Whee, and its $39 bucks on Amazon (get it here). They even offer an ebike version with an additional loop and carabiner for easy attachment that is $59.

The strap is essentially a covered bungee with loops on each end. My fellow rider just tied one end to the Kepler’s back rack and to his own ebike stem to make it work securely. The Kepler pulled the Rad Mini for the remaining 5 miles back to our cars.

tow whee ebike tow strap

After that experience I picked up a strap of my own and will be adding it my rack bag for all future group rides. Seems like a common sense accessory every ebiker should have handy.

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