Velotric Unveils Discover 2, New Commuter E-Bike

Ok so the first of new ebikes from Velotric has rolled out. The new Discover 2 offers a well rounded option for you city commuters thanks to a beefier 750 watt motor and 48 Volt 14.7ah battery that is UL listed and uses premium cells. Its an upgrade over the Discover 1 which I reviewed a while back. The Discover 2 compares favorably to the Euphree commuter ebikes and is hundreds cheaper.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Discover 2, the newest addition to our portfolio, offering unmatched power, comfort, and safety,” said Adam Zhang, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Velotric. “This innovative bike empowers riders to embark on every journey with increased power and heightened peace of mind while riding on a meticulously crafted machine engineered to last.”

Key features of the Discover 2 include: (via press release)

  • Unparalleled Performance: A Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bike, the Discover 2 with torque sensor offers supreme power with a 750W motor and 75-mile range. Users can fine-tune their ride with 3 riding modes, and 5 PAS within each, offering 15 power levels.
  • Ultimate Comfort: With a deep step-through design, a comfortable seating position, and adjustable stem, the Discover 2 delivers an effortless riding experience. Cruise control also offers enhanced rider convenience.
  • Exceptionally Safety: The Discover 2 has UL-Certification (UL 2271 and UL 2849) ensuring unmatched battery safety for riders both on and off the bike. Furthermore, the bike comes fully equipped with Apple’s Find My feature.
  • Ultra-Waterproof: The Discover 2 boasts an impressive IPX6 (vehicle) and IPX7 (battery) waterproof rating, rarely seen in the e-bike industry.
  • Color Options: Unlike most e-bikes on the market, this new Discover model is available in four unique colors – Pine Green, Stone Gray, Mint, and Cherry Crimson.
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  • Premium Quality: Delivering outstanding quality and features, the Discover 2 offers the best value on the market.
  • Industry-Leading Team: The makers of Discover 2 are led by industry veterans with experience at brands like Lime, Giant, and Trek, Velotric’s highly skilled team is dedicated to innovation and excellence.
  • In-House Production: Velotric designs and manufactures all its e-bike models in-house, ensuring superior quality control and modernization with a proprietary drive system and over 42 design, engineering, and software patents.
  • Extensive Dealer Network: With 1000+ dealers and 20+ in-house service team members, Velotric provides top customer service.
  • This new Discover 2 Electric Bike is now available for $1,699 on, which also has additional information about the brand.

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