What’s New at Velotric

Velotric one of my top ebike company recommendations seems to be on a roll. Since the brand’s debut in 2022, the company claims an impressive year-over-year growth rates in both unit sales at 166% and net sales at 133%.

All Velotric electric bike models and batteries have obtained Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certifications, ensuring their units meet strict safety and quality standards set by UL. Additionally, the company states their bikes have undergone rigorous 150% overload tests, surpassing the ISO 4210 standard, thus emphasizing Velotric’s unwavering commitment to safety.

“Our mission is to redefine the industry by delivering electric bikes that prioritize safety and performance, while being affordable, making us the only brand on the market that offers all three of these attributes,” said Adam Zhang, Velotric Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer.

Adam Zhang

I have reviewed the Nomad, Discover and the ST1 and have come away impressed by the quality. They all are well designed and feature hydraulic brakes.

They have a U.S. based team and the background of their product team has worked for brands like Lime, Giant, Trek, and REI. Velotric also says the proprietary drive system and frame are designed in-house for optimal performance and efficiency, as well as holding 40 patents covering utility models, appearance designs, and software copyrights.

Safety and innovation are the cornerstones of Velotric’s philosophy. Setting a new safety benchmark, Velotric electric bikes feature IPX6 Grade Vehicle and IPX7 Battery ratings, making them completely waterproof and resilient in various weather conditions and terrain, which is unlike most electric bikes on the market. Furthermore, Velotric’s extensive dealer network of over 500 bike dealers and an in-house service team guarantee top-notch customer service, ensuring that every Velotric rider has a seamless experience from purchase to maintenance to customer service.

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Keep an eye out for expansion into different e-bike categories scheduled for this Spring 2024.

For more information about Velotric please visit https://www.velotricbike.com.