Apps for Ebikers

Looking to track your ebike? How about sharing the ride route with friends? Need to verify your speed?

There are a number of apps in the app stores to suit your need. 

To be honest its kind of hard to just pick one. Your friends may use some different ones so keep that in mind. If you want to follow each other you may need to have multiple apps on your phone.

The one problem I found with all these apps is that you sometimes forget to turn them on or off. I’ve recorded myself driving after a ride (multiple times) is over because I neglected to turn the app off! I hate when that happens.

Lately my Apple watch fitness app has been detecting my riding activity and now also senses when I have paused so it alerts me. I find myself using that more and more because it is more convenient. An app that self detects your ride is one you will get used to.

Here’s a list of apps for ebikers. If you know of others just leave a comment.



Ride with GPS 

All Trails 

Map My Ride 


Speedometer Simple…



Apps like Strava and Relive have different categories like hiking, kayaking, walking and E Biking so be sure to choose that when recording.

Bikemap says they have the largest collection of bike routes you can browse.

Founded in 2014, Bikemap was created by cyclists with the goal of sharing awesome routes with cyclists around the world. Until today, more than 5.9 million users have created over 8.7 million unique cycling routes in 100+ countries worldwide.

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Trailforks is a trail database, map & management system for users, builders and associations.