Blaupunkt Advances the Folding Ebike Market

Advancements in ebike functionality have been fairly slow to evolve. Blaupunkt, the company known for its car stereos, has come out with a folding ebike that finally fixes a nagging problem folding ebikes have always had.

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Folding an ebike today typically means an unstable, clumsy piece of metal that is hard to handle and move.

But not the Blaupunkt Fiete. Thanks to a magnetic locking system and a bottom wheel, their folding ebike locks the two wheels in place and allows the user to roll it with ease. This new functionality is much appreciated by this ebiker.

Blaupunkt ebike review

The Best Travel Ebike?

Beyond that, the Blaupunkt folder may just be the perfect travel ebike. It weighs a mere 47 pounds, is UL listed, and has a unique look thanks to its magnesium alloy angular frame.

Power comes from a peppy 350 watt rear hub motor and a 36 volt 10.5 AH battery made of LG/Samsung cells. It also has 6 speeds to choose from and 3 levels of pedal assist. This Class II ebike topped out at 21 MPH in my testing.

You can also buy a carry bag for the folded ebike that wraps it up and allows you to easily pick up and store. I do wish Blaupunkt would just include the bag as part of your purchase considering the ebike cost around $1500 bucks. So the Blaupunkt comes at a premium cost.

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But you get a quality ebike for that price, it also comes with grippy hydraulic brakes, cool mag wheels with puncture resistant tires, and a unique look in an ebike market with so many copy cats.

It comes in 3 color combos (I got the blue “Fiete”) and they also have NCAA university models for some big schools on their website. You can also buy the ebike on Amazon.

My only knock on the Blaupunkt other than the price point is the handlebar stem whch cannot be adjusted. I ended up adding a new set of handlebars (three inch rise) and got a shorter stem to reduce the reach while riding.

The Blaupunkt ebike is an excellent choice for vacationers or someone who just wants a lightweight simple ebike to ride around their neighborhood. Its a solid ride but does come at a price.

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