Lectric XPeak Off-road Test

I took my Lectric XPeak (high step version) to an off-road test track last weekend to see how good it handles rough trails. The verdict: it’s a solid EMTB for the price.

I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about the step over version but the high step has none of those issues (front end wobble).The XPeak was designed for mountain biking, I’d never take a step thru on rough trails, you need a full frame for tackling that kind of terrain. So I don’t see a need to buy a step thru version. If you just want a neighborhood cruiser just buy the XP 3.0. step thru.

With its 26×4 inch fat tires the XPeak rolls over anything and handles rough terrain well. I found it to be a solid offering for my local dirt trails.

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