E-bike Review: Lectric Xpeak EMTB

After months of waiting, my new off-road ebike from Lectric E-bikes has arrived. I put the EMTB rated XPeak through its paces recently in my neighborhood. An off road video review will soon follow this one.

The Xpeak is Lectric’s first foray into 26×4 off-road territory. Up til now all their ebikes featured a variety of 20 inch tires but they are on a mission to conquer all types of ebikes in the market. And up til now they didnt have any rugged rides but the XPeak changes that.

Xpeak 26×4 Fat Tire Ebike

The Xpeak rolls over anything thanks to those CST fatties, but the highlight is the RST Renegade front suspension fork with 80mm of travel and soft rebound which makes traversing trails a smoother experience.

Lectric also got the XPeak EMTB rated. The XPeak’s frame, handlebar, stem assembly, and suspension fork are all tested to the ISO 4210-10 safety standard – meaning that it’s “durable and well-able to take on even the most rugged of terrains.” So far I think that claim is warranted.

Power comes from a 750 watt rear hub motor featuring 1310W of peak power combined with their new Stealth M24 technology delivers a noticeably quieter motor. Its the same motor that is on the Xpedition but they have updated it to be quieter.

A 48V, 14Ah UL 2849 compliant Lithium-Ion battery is also included. Gotta love the UL compliance.

Other XPeak Specs

  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • 180mm rotors
  • 7 speeds
  • 11-28T freewheel
  • Large front headlight
  • Rear taillight
  • Rubber grips
  • Thumb throttle
  • Quick-release pedals
  • Weight: 67 lbs
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XPeak has five levels of pedal-assist and an ergonomic thumb throttle deliver the speed and power to own the road as a Class 1, 2, or 3 eBike.

Cadence sensor featuring Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation (PWR) programming allows for an improved Pedal Assist experience by assisting the rider up to a certain power level for each PAS setting, instead of limiting the assistance by speed alone. Learn more about PWR here.

What I Like

Fit & finish, rim cutouts, power, quiet motor, little details like the chainslap guard and headlightlight placement . At $1,299 its also a good value.

What I Don’t

The battery is on the smaller side for a 26×4 ebike I prefer these to have a 20 ah because they are heavier ebikes. Range is limited on throttle to a mere 12-15 miles.

Lectric is up against a lot of other brands in the 26×4 category so they have some stiff competition. But at $1,299 the XPeak should be the best option at that price point.

Buy the XPeak here.