Lectric XPedition Flat Ground Range Test

I’ve been ranges testing the Lectric XPedition ever since I got the ebike. I got 45 miles on throttle only, and then 50 miles in hilly conditions, but didn’t know how many miles I could get on flat ground.

Lectric clams the XPedition achieved 150 miles in their flat ground test with a skinny rider onboard. That number is dubious based on my results. But it is still a good long range ebike.

I took the ebike to the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail which runs the length of Connecticut and offers the best place for this kind of test. It is a flat paved rail trail with very little elevation.

I rode the XPedition 3 times on this trail and achieved 84 miles in range. 90% of that riding was in PAS 1, so my avg speed was around 11 MPH. With a combined 28 amp hours of battery on board, that’s a very respectable number for this ebike. I weigh 175 pounds.

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