Sohamo H3 offers Big Battery for Low Price

Sohamo a budget ebike brand recently sent me their H3 ebike for review and testing. At a cost of just $999 they offer a 750 watt ebike with a BIG 20 amp hour battery (48V).

You can also buy a $799 version that comes with a 15 amp hour if you want to save even more.

As I opened the box I realized why the cost is so low. There is extra assembly required. I had to install the following compents which is more than usual: front tire, front rotor, folding stem, both fenders, handlebars, pedals, rack, kickstand, seatpost and seat.

Sohamo H3 Ebike Review

Once I did that The H3 became a solid looking ebike. My favorite parts are the frame style and the large battery which should go for plenty of range which is a claimed 60 miles.

Sohamo H3 Specs

  • 20×3 inch knobby tires
  • 750 watt motor
  • 80nm of torque
  • 48 volt 20 ah battery
  • 22 amp controller
  • Front/rear lights
  • Thumb throttle
  • 7 speeds

The ebike weighs in at 69 pounds with a payload capacity of 300 pounds.

Pedaling the ebike comes with a lot of ghost pedaling so i found myself throttling it only and got upo to 23-24 MPH after unlocking it in the settings. It came with KPH as the standard so I had to adjust that too in the settings.

The brakes are very average and are just mechanical. The front fork has no lockout and doesn’t have much travel. But its a good value for what you get namely that large battery which likely has off brand cells to achieve the low $999 price.

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