Ebike Review: Pedego Element Fat Tire $1,995

The Pedego Element sells for $1,995 and can be purchased at any one of 200+ dealers across the USA.

When it comes to good looking fat tire ebikes the Pedego Element, seen here in this iconic electric blue is surely to top some folks lists.

Your Element ebike is a great fat tire cruiser that comes with a 5 year warranty. Top speed is 20MPH so this is a class 2 ebike that cannot be unlocked to class 3. It makes a great cruiser style ebike that can also handle dirt trails thanks to its 20×4 fat tires.

Link to the Pedego Website

My Element came with a few options such as rack, larger 14 ah battery and front suspension. But heck the color alone could’ve sold me. Those colored rims really “pop” to make it one of the most eye-catching rides on the market. It also comes in Black, Red, Green, Orange, Green and White.

The Specs

A basic Element comes with the following;

  • 10ah integrated battery (14ah optional)
  • 500 watt rear hub motor
  • Rigid front fork (suspension optional)
  • LCD display
  • 18 amp cntroller
  • Twist throttle
  • 5 levels of pedal assist
  • Paddle shifter
  • Tektro mechanical brakes
  • 160 mm brake rotors
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Length: 63 inches

What I Like

The Element has great looks and features quality parts. Plus you get the assurance of buying it from one of its many dealers which brings you peace of mind unlike other DTC (direct to consumer) ebike sold online. It offers a solid ride with no rattles or squeaks. Ergonomic are good. I also love the ribbed grips on the handlebar which are very soft to hold. The ebike handles well and uses quality parts overall.

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What I Don’t Like

There are better value ebikes on the market such as the Lectric XP 3.0 which to be honest is just as good as the Pedego but costs much less. For $1,995 you don’t get hydraulic brakes or even a working brake light which I typically expect at this price point.

But other than that its hard to knock the Element. Yes you are paying full retail but their dealer network is second to none in the industry and for some ebike buyers that’s what they want.