Lectric XP to Get Hydraulic Brakes!

This move will surely force other ebike companies to make hydraulic brakes standard equipment on anything over $1,000.

In a move that further cements Lectric Ebikes as the one company focused on delivering value to customers, the company recently announced they will be adding NUTT hydraulic brakes to is XP 3.0’s the best selling folding ebike.

In a statement on Facebook co-founder Levi Conlow said;

Moving forward, all XP 3.0 eBikes will come standard with hydraulic brakes as well as the Lectric PWR system! This means that the XP 3.0 will provide riders with a smoother and more comfortable stopping experience, as well as intuitive pedal-assist power delivery with a smooth, natural take-off. It also adds a boost in overall efficiency!

What does that mean for current XP 3.0 riders, you may ask? Within the next 30-45 days, we will be ready to offer hydraulic brake upgrade kits to all existing XP 3.0 eBike riders, free of charge!

Levi Conlow

Once they start shipping the new version of the 3.0 it will be the first sub $1000 ebike to have hydralic brakes. I anticipate other ebike companies will be forced to also offer better brake systems inan effort to compete with Lectric.

All in all this is great news for customers, and is yet a another reason I continue to recommend the Lectric brand.

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