George Washington Bridge Ebike Crossing

The weather is turning colder so its getting harder to find warm enough days to ebike. So you have to take advantage of those days even if they fall during the week. So on a 60 degree Thursday in mid November, me and a coupe riding buddies took off work for a ride across the GWB into New Jersey and back.

Our starting point was in Yonkers New York on the South County Trail. From there we picked up the OCA trail south into the Bronx to the High Bridge, then across Northern Manhattan to the Northwalk Bridge bike path entrance. From there it was an easy ride to NJ where we had lunch in Englewood Cliffs then explored the waters edge around Fort Lee Historical Park.

I took my dual suspension Wallke X3 Pro which has a 20 amp hour battery which offered plenty of range for the 28 mile trip.

The bikepath on the GWB has two lanes and is narrow in some spots. But I hear they are working on a bike only path on the other side of bridge so you wont have to deal with pedestrians.

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