Kingbull Voyager Utility Ebike Review

The Kingbull Voyager is equipped with a powerful 750W brushless motor and 17.5Ah high-capacity battery. The rear rack can hold up to 140 lbs of cargo, when combined with our cargo accessories, you can load cargo of any shape and size. The Kingbull brand is the latest entry in the ebike market and they sent me the Voyager for review and testing.

Review of the Kingbull Voyager

My favorite aspect of the Voyager is the tire/rim choice. It rolls on CST Big Boat 20”x4.0” road tires which offer a stable and comfortable riding experience, effectively reducing noise during both riding and braking. Plus they look damn good. I wish more ebike companies used this combination on more fat tire ebikes.

The mag wheel rims are easy to clean and require no maintenance versus rims with spokes.

It’s also a great hill climber. On my hill test it never went below 11 MPH on the steepest part of the hill which is an excellent result.

Kingbull Voyager Specs

Motor:750W (Sustained), 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor

Throttle:Thumb press throttle

Display: LCD Colorful screen with USB

Top Speed:28 MPH

Range: Up to 60 miles 

Battery:Removable Lithium-ion 48V, 17.5Ah

Pedal Assist:5 Levels

Charger:3A Charger

Tires: Reflective stripe tires, CST, custom 20″ x 4.0″

Payload Capacity: 450lbs

Rear Rack Weight Limit: 300lbs

E-bike Weight: 77lbs

7-speed gear shift system

Grips: Ergonomic Comfort, leather grips

I reached a top speed of 27 MPH according to GPS in my range test (faster on a downhill). The ebikes throttle can also hit that speed. The motor is a bit noisy but does have a thumb throttle along with hydraulic disc brakes. The ebike seems to have a lot of flex up front which was my main concern.

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I would compare this ebike with the Rad Runner thanks to its rear rack which is somewhat similar. The Voyager comes in orange or grey and be purchased here.