Lightweight & Stealthy: Tenways CGO600 Pro

Road ebikes are preferred by a certain type of two wheeled enthusiasts and the Tenways CGO600 Pro will definitely appeal to those riders. Its a smooth ride for sure.

The CGO 600 comes in blue, green silver and black. It retails for $1,599 and compares to ebikes like the Aventon Solterra, Velotric ST1 etc. Learn more here.

Tenways Review


  • Gates Belt Drive for maintenance free riding
  • Simple but elegant display
  • Traditional frame
  • 350 rear hub motor with 45nm torque
  • 20 mph
  • 700×45 C tires
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Fenders (quick release front tire)
  • Torque sensor

Not much to hate about the CGO600, the display is small and a little hard to read, the seat is hard and there isnt any kind of rear lighting. But this ebike is smooth riding and inspires a lot of confidence on the road.

Power comes on strong once you start putting pressure on the pedals and you can get up to speed thanks to 3 levels of pedal assist.

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