List of Electric Bikes Built in USA

Despite the fact that China manufactures a vast majority of ebikes that sell in the USA ,there are actually a number of companies building them here. When I say “building” I generally mean assembling them from parts made overseas. The companies listed here employ American technicians and other personnel to support your order. When it comes to “buying American” these companies are the closest it gets to doing that.

There’s been talk of Rad Power Bikes shifting some assembly facilities to the U.S. as well as Aventon but it will be a few years before we see any progress on that front. Rad already employs 325 people and that number will double in the next year. If the pandemic taught us anything is that we need to move at least some of our supply chain back here so we can sell and ride more ebikes.

I intend this list to be an evolving one so if you find a company here that designs, builds, assembles its ebikes in the USA just add a comment and we’ll research adding them.

The following companies do much of their ebike assembly in the United States.

Electric Bike Company

Probably the most well known of these companies, EBC is based in California and makes cruiser style ebikes that generally cost around $2k – $4k depending on options. Their ebikes are highly customizable which means you can make them your own, right down to the paint color.

I’ve heard they actually manufacture some of their parts and build their batteries in the California factory which is now over 50,000 square feet. According to their website,  they are “Made in AMERICA 🇺🇸 – We actually build all our own bikes from the ground up 720 parts and materials – only the best chosen – locally and globally…

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EBC is a great example of ebike manufacturing and the rest of the industry can learn a lot from their success.

Spark Cycleworks

Spark is a small team of ebike enthusiast based in Branford, Connecticut. They make all kinds of ebikes but specialize in e-mopeds. Their crew assembles everything in house and just opened a new larger warehouse to accommodate growth. They’ll even fix your ebike even if it isn’t one of theirs. 

They do a great job at content on social media so be sure to follow them on social media like Instagram and Youtube.

Bike Friday Oregon

Based in Eugene Oregon this company makes regular bikes as well as ebikes. Its a family owned company. From their website…”Brothers and Bike Friday co-founders Alan and Hanz Scholz come from a background deep in the bicycle lifestyle and filled with innovation. It is almost genetic.

From forming a bicycle club as kids to becoming expert bicycle mechanics over many years of practicing the art to incubating ideas until they grew into some of the most respected brands in the industry. They built their own durable bicycle wear, gave birth to the Burley Bike Trailer and honed their relentless drive toward innovation and improvement.”

Electric Bicycle Technologies

Not to be confused with EBC in California this firm is based in Pennsylvania and makes a variety of ebike including trikes. They began way back in 2008. Here’s a look around their facility in Bucks County, PA.

Ride Scoozy

Started in 2013 and based in Florida. Their goal is to produce an inexpensive & high quality ebike (fat tire, 52V) and are able to do that by designing and assembling their ebikes in the USA. According to their website;

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“Having years of experience in the cycling and medical device industry has allowed us to operate extremely efficiently keeping costs down for our customers. We have since grown into a larger facility in St. Petersburg Florida, however, our industry experience has allowed us to continue to offer bikes with significantly more features than our competitors at the same or even lower price!”


Christini AWD has been building bikes for over 20 years in Philadelphia. Not just any bike…. All Wheel Drive bikes! They are pricey mid-drive e-bikes (in the $4k-$5k range) but they build them for people who want to ride in snow sand and dirt.

Life Electric Vehicles

This company based in Florida features affordable 36V ebikes in a variety of styles. Prices start at just $1,299. Featuring a unique curved frame, their batteries are from Samsung. According to their website;

“With an eye for detail and a fierce commitment to integrity, quality, and patriotism; Life EV e-Bikes are carefully constructed and inspected in the USA. Unlike many competitors, Life EV does not rely on overseas manufacturers to build their e-Bikes. All Life EV electric bicycles are built at the company’s state-of-the-art, 31,000 square-foot production headquarters in South Florida.”

Boogie Bike

Based in Wisconsin Boogie makes a cruiser style ebike with a 750W motor and 13.6 ah battery. Here’s how they describe themselves: “With that work ethic and attention to detail, Boogie Bikes decided to make a better ebike by carefully selecting the best global components and building in the USA. We decided to limit ourselves to just a few variants to make sure we could really refine the process and deliver a great bike…..and it worked.” 

The entire bike weighs 59lbs with the battery installed, 50lbs without. Price is $2,399.

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Hi Power Cycles

This California company manufactures a complete lineup of high performance electric bikes made here in the USA including the Revolution, Scout and Titan. They even build their own batteries. Most of their ebikes are high end costing up to $10k. Some oft heir eMTBs start at around $3,995.

Detroit Bikes

This company has a factory in Detroit, Michigan and just released their first road e-bike. The E-Sparrow comes in 4 different sizes to fit any rider Small/Medium/Large/Extra-large and costs only $1,099. Link to website.

“The e-Sparrow is based on our incredibly simple, lightweight and easy to use Sparrow platform. Beyond the wonderfully approachable price-point, the throttle feature is what makes these special. Like the Sparrow, the e-Sparrow also includes a pump. These bikes weigh in at an astonishingly light 32-36 lbs.”

Fatte Ebikes 

This company based in Denever lets you customize your ebike with nearly any color combination. They have 4 fat tire models to choose from. Here’s how they describe themselves;

“As Denver’s 1st electric bike company, operating since 2017 FattE-Bikes is one of the only electric bike brands to build our ebikes in the United States. We do our best to source locally, create jobs, and most importantly, provide industry leading quality control and customer care. We learned early on that if someone else builds our bikes they just aren’t as well put together than if we did it ourselves. By building our ebikes in the US we’re able to offer more colors and customization than anyone, making FattE-Bikes the most customizable ebike brand in the WORLD.”