My Ford Maverick Hybrid is the Perfect Ebike Transport

Ebikes are like hybrid cars. You can pedal or use the motor. My new Ford Maverick Hybrid can run off gas or electric mode in certain driving conditions. As an electric bike influencer, it makes a good compliment to my ebike travels.

I bought the Maverick Hybrid for 3 reasons: the utility it offers, the efficiency on the road and the overall value. I paid a little under 29,000 for this highly sought after truck. 

Considering most new cars cost $30k or more this is a great value and that why its selling so well. I had to wait over 1 year to receive ownership. I placed the order in September of 2022 and it arrived one year + one week later. The hybrid version is quite popular.

I have the XLT version which is the mid level trim, the base XL is pretty basic and starts at just $23,400 while the lariat version has a much more expensive $34k price tag. The XLT starts at $26,315.

My only options were the Lux package (heated seats, power seat, etc.) and a tow hitch.

When this truck first came out the xl hybrid only cost $20k, Ford has since raised prices due to demand.

This is essentially the Prius of pickups. Its front wheel drive only (gas engine has 4WD) —its not a plug in hybrid so it drives in electric at low speeds, coasting downhill, things like that. You cant tell it to drive in electric mode—it decides based on driving conditions.

Power comes from  a 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid powertrain producing 191 horsepower and 155 lb-ft of torque mated to a continuously variable transmission powering the front wheels.
The electric motor provides about 29 horsepower if you break it down. Its not a fast truck but its quick enough. Sport mode also makes it quicker off the line.

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It is rated for 40mpg city, 33 highway…..I’m averaging about 40 mpg right now in a mix of city and highway driving. It goes into electric mode around 25%-30% of driving.


The battery is under the back seat and is a high voltage lithium ion battery that I think is around 220 volts. (1.1kw)

It recharges when you brake, coast downhill and sometimes even at highway speeds on flat ground.

There is a braking coach that tells you a percentage level how much energy you are putting back into the battery…I’ll show you that later.

From what I have read these batteries last 8-10 years looks like it would be easy to replace if I still have the truck in a decade.

What I Like

  1. Auto hi beams. Having never had this feature I find it very handy.
  2. Fuel economy – i only fill up 2x per month – range is about 500 miles
  3. Perfect size – i didn’t want a mid size pickup. This fits nicely in my garage.
  4. Quiet — turn it on — no engine sounds.
  5. The utility is awesome for an ebiker – boxes, bed, tow hitch.
  6. Tons of accessories for this thing on Amazon or through Ford.
  7. No fuel cap needed. Its pressurized.
  8. It goes into Electric mode more than you think.
  9. App remote start – lock or unlock, location, oil life.

I was taking the train home from NYC the other night on a cold night and used the app to start the truck a few mins before my stop. It was on and warmed up when I got there. Very convenient.

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What I Don’t

This truck has a mechanical key and only offers keyless entry with the Lariat trim I find that quite annoying.

The infotainment system is average at best. Its frozen on me a handful of times and sometimes Apple Carplay is slow to start. I don’t understand why Sync 4 is not part of the Maverick. I find the seats to not be that comfortable on long rides. The positioning lacks certain angles to get the right fit.

I wish the app also showed you mileage and more details about the electric driving portion. Its devoid of any interesting stats about its hybrid data points.

I’ll have more to say about the Maverick as we head into 2024, stay tuned.