Long Range Ebike King: Aniioki AQ 177 Pro Max

This year has been a year of big battery ebikes. I’ve received more than my share of 20 amp hour ebikes to review but the brand Aniioki has taken ebike batteries to a whole new level. Their two models, the Aniioki A8 and the AQ177, come with a massive 60 amp hour single battery! That size is unheard of in today’s ebike marketplace.

Review of the Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max

Aniioki AQ177 Specs

Comes in a step over version called the A8 and you can buy the ebikes in 3 different battery combos: 48V 45AH, 48V 60Ah and 52V 60 AH–3120wh. They even sell a portable power station that you can buy as an add on to charge a variety of devices.

  • 8A Smart Charger with internal fan
  • Colors: Matte black, matte gray, pearl white
  • Motor: 1000 watt with 1200 watt peak 80 nm torque
  • Range 100 mi on throttle, 200 miles on PAS1
  • 7 speeds, 30 mph top speed
  • Hydraulic disk brakes with thick rotors
  • 20×4 fat tires
  • Payload: 350 lbs
  • Weight 112 with battery (33lbs)
  • Product Dimensions:‎68  inches long x 44 inches high

The Aniioki is waterproof rated to lPX6. It also comes with full suspension thanks to a twin fork and rear shocks on both sides of the e-moped style ebike. It comes with a massive motorcycle style headlight and a brake light with turn signals, though they are not very noticeable.

It comes with a rear seat but I chose to leave it off and put a basket in the rear for storage. My biggest dislike is the LCD display which is very hard to read while riding due to glare. I had some issues at first to get the battery to lock in place but still need to zip tie it to ensure it does no pop out.

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The AQ177 has an adjustable seat so it will fit most rider heights. It could use a bigger chainring because there is some ghost pedaling over 20MPH but most people will just throttle only anyway. Top speed is a respectable 30MPH.

Buy it here and use code: NBVSM50 for $50 off.