Street Rod: Review of the Yamee XL

My latest ride in the shop is the Yamee XL a folding ebike with street tire, mag wheels and a tough look. From a design standpoint its one of the better looking ebikes I’ve had to date.

Yamee XL Review


  • 750 Watt Rear Hub Motor with 72nm Torque
  • 25 amp controller
  • 20×4 Innova Street Tires
  • Hydraulic Brakes (180mm rotors)
  • 15 amp hour battery with 3 amp charger
  • IPAS kinetic recovery technology
  • Air Suspension Front Fork
  • 52 T Chainring – 12-32T Cassette
  • 8 speeds

The XL is listed at 87 pounds but I think that has to be a typo because it seems lighter than that. Top speed comes in at around 26 MPH. Thanks to the good gearing there is no ghost pedaling.

I paid for this ebike ($999 on sale) because I love the look of the frame combined with those mag wheels. Lots of mods are coming to this ebike so stay tuned for that.

The biggest disappointment of the XL is the battery life. It was at 94% and I rode 6 miles doing the road test and it ended up in the 30% range. The day after my test the battery is now dead and my emails to Yamee have gone unanswered so I may be stuck with a dead ebike. I can get it fixed through a local battery repair shop but I may have eat that cost if Yamee doesn’t get back to me soon. It likely has a bad cell group which caused the BMS to trip.

Chris Crossed

Ergonomics are ok but needs some swept back handlebars to feel comfy. I plan on modding this ebike to give it a better look as well as a second battery.

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yamee xl ebike