2023’s Most Significant Ebikes

I rode and reviewed a lot of ebikes in 2023. In this video I talk about the 4 most significant ebikes from this year in my humble opinion. They are…

Wired Freedom

A full suspension 26×4 fast ebike that can hit 40mph. It’s the best value ebike in in class. There’s a lot to like about the Freedom for ebikers who want to step it up a notch.

Aniioki AQ 177

The ebike that kicked off a battery arms race. A 60 amp hour battery is the highlight of Aniioki models which give you an incredible 100 miles of range on just throttle!

Lectric Xpedition

The most affordable cargo ebike. Lectric continues to impress from a value standpoint ad offers the most affordable/quality ebikes.

Soul ‘Cuda SS

I consider the Soul Cuda to be the ‘Cadillac of ebikes’. The frame is gorgeous and its built to last.

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