Luckeep X1 is Fun, Fast and Affordable

This week I am reviewing my 2nd ebike from the brand Luckeep. I previously covered their dual battery 20×4 the X1 Pro, but this time I am reviewing the single battery X1 .

X1 Ebike Review

The X1 comes in one color gray and goes for just $1,099. It actually looks more silver in person. It weighs in at 76 lbs and has a payload capacity of 330 lbs. It fits rider heights form 5″4 to 6″4.

Power comes from a 750 watt rear hub motor that peaks at 1200 watts. Combined with a 48V 15Ah battery that gives you 720 watt hours of juice. That power combo gives you a robust 30mph top speed!

I got 21 miles of throttle only riding and XX while riding in PAS 1 while pedaling. My weight is 175 so if you are heavier than that expect a little less. Also the X1 comes with a nice 3 amp charger.

For tires and brakes the X1 has 20×4 Chaoyang fatties with 160mm rotors and Luckeep branded hydraulic brakes. The front suspension fork has 80 mm of travel.

What I Like: Good torque, full throttle for top speed, overall value for the money.

What I Don’t: rear brakes are squeaky, motor cable hangs outside frame slightly, rear fender too bouncy.

Buy the Luckeep X1

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