The Billy Goat RIPS!!!

If you are looking for some fast e-moped styles bikes check out what Goat Power Bikes has to offer. They sent me the “Billy Goat” a 2000 watt electric looking moto style ride that can get up and move.

With its full twist throttle the Billy Goat feels like an electric motorcycle and its a good choice for navigating your local roads with a top speed of 40MPH. It doesn’t have much storage but a rear rack is available.

Range may be an issue for some riders however. In my testing I get around 21 miles. The battery is 60 volt 20ah but that 2,000 watt motor sucks up that battery juice quickly so you won’t be going far unless you figure out where to add a 2nd battery.

My biggest gripe about the ebike is how the display doesn’t accurately show off the battery voltage. After riding it for a number of miles it doesn’t indicate much battery loss but if you shut the bike off and turn back on you will see the true number.

The Billy Goat has 3 speed modes and you can order it with or without pedals. PAS 1 goes 12MPH, PAS 2 goes to 28MPH and PAS 3 gets you to 40MPH on an open flat road. The controller is 50 Amps and it has 7 speeds.

Pricing right now is around $2,400.

What I Like: Powerful motor, ride quality, great lighting, overall looks.

What I Don’t: Battery voltage display is laggy making it harder to know your range.

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