Red Rock Canyon Ebike Tour

Back in early October I was in Vegas for work and stayed an extra day to do some ebiking. I signed up with (run by a very friendly husband/wife team) which conducts tours of the park just outside Vegas.

I booked the tour online which cost $129 which includes pickup and rental. They picked me up at my hotel on the strip in a big van with several ebikes on the back rack and we drove about 25 minutes into the desert to begin our half day adventure.

Once we arrived at the park we were assigned an ebike and given detailed instructions about its use and the tour we would be doing. The ride is about 17 miles in length and takes place on paved roads that loop the park. Along the way we made 4-5 stops where the tour guide tells you about certain features of the park including some Native American spots.

The ebikes we were given were older mid-drive units but they are well maintained and excellent at hill climbing the rolling hills of the Canyon. The scenery here makes it a memorable ebike ride which I highly recommend.

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