The K8 Electric Scooter Lights Up the Night!

I’m not a big scooter guy. These little vehicles don’t really fit my tall frame but kids and shorter riders seem to love them. My daughter tells me there are lots of Electric scooters on her college campus, which makes sense.

Buy the K8 for $1,499 but you can get $120 off with code: ChrisCrossed

So I wasn’t sure what to expect when TifGalop sent me their new $1500 K8 electric scooter to review. They make (26×4) ebikes too, by the way.

k8 review

The K8 is fast, heavy, powerful and lights up the night thanks to its neon light system built into the stem and deck. A simple flip of the switch gives you a rainbow of colors that will make all other scooters mad with envy.

It weighs in at around 116 pounds so its not exactly a lightweight machine. Below the deck you will find a massive 60 volt 38AH battery that gives this ride excellent range. Each wheel is powered by a 3000 watt motor sitting on mini fat tires. Stopping power is courtesy of hydraulic disk brakes.

Other highlights:

  • Weight Capacity 550 lbs
  • 1-3 gears, Speed From 0 to 28 Mph
  • Ride it in dual or single, eco or turbo mode
  • UL Certification

Delivering 30 Nm of torque within just 2 seconds in the 3-speed setting. The motor, designed with a sine wave structure, allows you to control your riding speed across gears 1 to 3, providing a customizable and intuitive riding experience.

It comes with a foldable seat in case you’d rather ride it sitting down, The seat can be removed if you don’t want it. It also has turn signals near the rear wheel. I hit 30mph on a straight away and felt like it wanted to go even faster in dual mode with turbo turned on.

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Buy the K8 for $1,499 but you can get $120 off with code: ChrisCrossed