Ebike + Scooter = Hiboy C1

What happens when you cross an ebike with a scotter?

You get the Hiboy C1, a quirky lightweight ebike that fits in your back seat.

Its not somehting I’d recommend for adults but for teens and really short folks they might find it fun. Weighing in at just 50 lbs, this stout little ebike sports a 36v 7.8ah battery and is powered by a 350 watt motor.

Once you unpack the ebike you’ll need to download the Hiboy app in order to connect to the ebike so you can change modes and also lock/unlock it.

Range is likely somehwere between 15-20 miles depending how you ride it. It is a single speed ebike that also comes with a throttle and can reach 20 mph. It sells for just $499 on hiboy.com.

hiboy c1
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